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The rules! READ EM'

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The rules! READ EM' Empty The rules! READ EM'

Post by Rayblon on Wed Mar 05, 2014 4:06 pm

There aren't many rules for this group, since it's more of an open forum environment, nevertheless, we do have some guidelines to avoid getting exiled.

1. Don't carry on heated arguments. There's a difference between making your opinion known, and beating it into people's heads.

2. Try not to be grumpy on the wall. Real life is tough, people struggle with lots of things everyday. This group is supposed to be an escape from that, not a place to vent. I'd like to say I've built a family of sorts in this group, and that we CAN help you with your real life problems, but we can't help you if all you give us are thunderclouds and yelling.

3. Tread lightly in the realm of religion. This club is host to many religious and ethnic backgrounds, and flame wars on the wall HAVE happened because of it. I feel religion is something well worth talking about, but not in a negative light. If you think someone of another religion or ethnicity will take offense, don't post it.

4. Moderate the staff. The staff are just like every other user, book enthusiasts, and, normal people. If you find them breaking a rule, report it to their superior.

5. No spam. You can post as much as you like, but if you can fit the content of, say, five consecutive posts into one, do it. This also means no ads.

6. Be courteous. If you disagree with something, don't call it incorrect. It's an insult to a poster's intelligence. Also, don't start personal attacks.

7. If the first thing you do when you join this forum is  trollface 
We will ban you.

8. Don't get butthurt and act like an ass(The equine kind) to your fellow community members. This means if you turn a debate into a personal attack, your post will be deleted, and you will be warned. This also applies to discriminating against ANY party involved in the forum, any race, minority, faith, culture, sexuality, gender, etcetera. This is the 21st century, not the dark ages. Judgement is something you make from a person's actions as an individual, and if you can't understand that, then your stay here will be short lived.

We're generally pretty lenient, but rule #8 is very serious. There are no pardons for discrimination. If you do it three times, your account will be terminated, and you will be IP banned from our forum. Otherwise, you can email a staff member with a ban appeal.

The forum rank system is still in the works. Hopefully not for much longer.

If you have further questions, send a PM to one of our wonderful staff members.

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