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Should I feel proud or ashamed...?

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Should I feel proud or ashamed...? Empty Should I feel proud or ashamed...?

Post by TrashtheRabbitGod on Mon Apr 28, 2014 4:38 pm

Basically, we have the over competitive "I deserve more rights than you," person in my class. 
Then we have a girl. 
Then we have the special needs kid. (He has a growth deficiency, and speech issues, but he is basically like us? I think he is nice.) 
So the kid did this thing where he breathed in, and his ribcage pops out, and basically, the girl, being as... Welcoming as she can be at times, touched his ribs (Which I found hilarious but... Obscure at the same time.) and she told the competitive one who was having a practical heart attack because we were losing the game, and constantly referred to us as "The Dumbass team." (The gym teacher, another girl, and I found it hilarious, how he was yelling and screaming.) 
But basically, he told the girl, in front of the other student "I will never touch him fucking ever, unless it's to punch him in the face." 
That set off an alarm in my head to say "What is wrong with you?" 
He heard it, somehow, and came over to me, face resembled a tomato, and replied. "Did you just ask me what was wrong with me?" 
I nodded. 
He replied "Do you see that r***rd over there? (censored ableist slur shhhh.) I think I have rights to punch him in his face!" 
I replied. "Yes, because we all know how righteous that makes you, punching people who are smaller than you." 
He got so fucking mad it was hilarious. 
I began to laugh, in this sort of psychotic fashion, and this other girl came over and said "yeah, you cant just punch people in the face, thats for the street." (died at that brb) 
Then he mumbled something rude, so I called out "Thanks shorty."

But like, you don't go threatening to punch anyone in situations like these, like what is wrong with you. 
And he probably would have done it if nobody had said anything. 
But he got so mad over a game of fucking frisbee that's no reason to punch anyone. 
what the fuck 
is your 

I was sick of him anyways, this isn't the first time he spout useless bullshit. 

i feel pretentious for writing this now bYE

i Am pErFeCtLy eQuIvAlEnT  tO tRaSh.  Like a Star @ heaven

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Should I feel proud or ashamed...? Empty Re: Should I feel proud or ashamed...?

Post by Rayblon on Mon Apr 28, 2014 6:23 pm

You done gud chuzzie, you done gud.

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